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ShopXOShopping MalluniappVersion Packaging Service

ShopXOShopping MalluniappVersion Packaging Service

The package service fee is valid for one year

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I hope this product can help you solve practical problems,Do not recommend impulse buying,The virtual product of code product class can be copied,So we don't accept refunds~

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Initial sound software

absorbedshopXOTheme development,applicationuniappTechnology to build applet terminal platform andappapplication

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure

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author: chuyin0127


edition: 1.0.0-2.2.1

Adapted version: V1.9.3、V2.0.0~V2.3.0

Adaptation platform: WeChat has been adapted、Alipay、qq、Baidu、Headline applet,Authorized version of WeChat official accounth5、android、ioseditionapp

describe: SelectionuniappIs the technical framework,A set of codes can be implemented,Multiple terminal platform platforms can be released,UIThe style has also been completely reconstructed,More integrated style,Elaboration

Thematic features:

      1.Free development of common needs proposed by everyone;

      2.One time payment,Permanent free adaptation Free of charge officially launched、charge(for example:store、Multi merchant)Various plug-ins;

      3.One key direct access to various shortcut functions,For example, hide all prices from the demo site、Classified and multi style display,For all one key direct configuration, seeApp.vuefile;

      4.Mature product line,Customers have successfully launched various applets,Android application markets、Apple OfficialappStore,appThe QR code download experience of customer cases under the welcome scanning code of the experience package。

Packaging technical support takes effect from the purchase date of the order,term of validity1year。

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