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Application of windmill plug-in

Plug in developed by community experts,High popularity,Stable reputation,Collage,Bargain,Large turntable, etc

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure
If you encounter problems during use, you can directly contact the corresponding author of the plug-in、Free plug-ins can be directly asked by the community

one、Subject Description

1、This topic fitsshopxoV2.2.2above(theme1.0.3Start adaptationV2.3.1+);

2、Full support for this topicshopxoSupported applets(Wechat applet、Baidu applet、Alipay applet、Headline applet、Kwai applet、QQApplets、uniappeditionH5);

3、Adapt to all plug-ins on sale in the application store;

4、Front end providesuniappSource code;

two、Thematic features

1、【Theme Style Customization,Unlimited expansion】Free definition of theme colors,All operations are in the background,No need for complex configurations;

2、【CPSunion】WeChat mini program integrates discounted recharge+Multiple third-party plugins for discount movie tickets,Simply configure to go online,Make your mall more attractive and practical;

3、【Bottom Navigation,Change it if you want】Bottom Navigation,Background control at any time;

4、【Home Products,With waterfall effect,Unlimited loading】Still worried about too much commodity data,Does the homepage load too slowly,Start unlimited loading mode on home page,Dynamically loaded when the user pulls down;

5、【Rubik's cube advertisement】Most likely,You can use the Rubik's Cube to make the whole homepage full of pictures+Link Composition,CompletelyDIY;

6、【Built in service assurance data】Built in service assurance data,The only way to make your products look more formal;

7、【Single point mode】Category page click mode,It is suitable for your users to directly purchase their favorite products with one click,What we need isDirect gains from violence;

8、【APPSupporting the listing of major manufacturers】Practice leads to true knowledge,It is a market tested and qualified productAPPAh。;

9、【Slide play of imitated Tiktok video】Gather product videos together to watch Tiktok like mode,Showcasing products to you;



Wechat applet

WeChat pictures_20240430224333.png




(Successfully listed, want to make a case study,Welcome to contact me!)

four、Interface screenshot and description

notes:Because the homepage of this theme can be extremely customized,Therefore, the screenshots shown are just the effects we made for this demonstration,Except module style,Content

Not unchanging!

1、Front end display(Please refer to the applet demo as much as possible,Applet demo is the latest version




a、Many images on the front page,All controlled by the Rubik's Cube(Rubik's cube can be set with single diagram、Bipartite graph、Three figures、Four figures、Slide show,Play with the Rubik's Cube,Can have a Rubik's Cube on the entire homepage,Implement complete customization);

b、Top of Figure 1“WindmillDEMO”word,Also controlled by the background,If pictures are not used,The title text can also be set in the background for display;

2、Backstage display


3、On Rubik's Cube



a、Through Rubik's Cube+System settings,The page with Rubik's cube advertisement control can be realized in full screen(For example, if you want to carry out a certain festival activity,The page can be decorated into a festival style directly through the magic cube);

b、Rubik's cube advertisements can be set with display validity;

Update Log:



Update time:2023-06-29

Update description:
1、【newly added】Multi merchant themed entry function;
2、【newly added】If the profile of the WeChat mini program has not been modified,Entering the membership center will prompt you to improve it;
3、【newly added】Add a button to return to the top on the homepage,When the page is too long, you can click back to the top;
4、【newly added】Add a page for manually binding invitation codes;
5、【newly added】Add a public area at the bottom of each product,Specific content in background editing;
6、【newly added】Aggregating videos of all products,Swipe up and down to view、browse,And you can click on a certain video page to purchase;
7、【newly added】Added a menu at the bottom of the mall to the multi merchant merchant merchant page;
8、【Optimize and add】Whether the blog displays browsing volume is controlled by the theme,Beautify blog details page,Add two Rubik's Cube advertisements on the blog details page,If you have the ability to earn money by hanging advertisements,This feature may meet your needs;
9、【Optimize and add】Recommended blog posts on the homepage of the mall,You can forcibly change the image text mode to the pure List of writing systems mode,More in line with the appearance of information;
10、【Optimize and add】Add a search box on the multi merchant list page,Can search based on merchant name keywords now,Simultaneously optimized the classification selection style for multiple merchants;
11、【optimization】After logging in to the classification page,Unstable loading of added shopping cart data;
12、【optimization】Force binding invitation code function fromAPPRemove from exclusive control,Put it into global control,After authorized login in WeChat mini program,If invitation code is not bound,Will prompt to bind;
13、【optimization】Theme Style Control Heavy Upgrade,Support for backend custom styles;
14、【optimization】Enhanced membership level plugin once again,You can display different membership card backgrounds and other settings based on different member levels,Higher differentiation among different members;
15、【optimization】Enhanced robustness of theme colors for end-to-end adaptation;
16、【optimization】Backstage click shopping mall style,Will automatically switch the bottom navigation selection color;
17、【optimization】Multi Merchant Price Colors、Search box color matching theme color;
18、【optimization】The product text in the shopping cart list has been truncated;
19、【optimization】Replaced the component for scrolling advertising playback,Smoother;
20、【optimization】Home navigation exceeds10When there are,Support for split screen left and right sliding;
21、【repair】Fixed WeChat mini program binding to phone,Unable to send verification code issue;
22、【repair】Fixed the issue where my order in the membership center would have a disorganized style if navigation descriptions were added to it;
23、【repair】Fixed the feature of selecting the first specification by default for products,Enable the function to be used normally;
24、【repair】Fixed issue of missing bottom navigation after occasional login;
25、【repair】Fixed the issue of enabling batch order plugins,Click on the specifications on the product details page,The issue of pop-up phone calls;
26、【repair】Fixed when using drag and drop mode on the computer,When the theme side chooses to disable drag and drop,The issue of incorrect product floor call data;



Update time:2023-05-20

Update description:
1、Reduce the number of homepage requests,Optimize homepage loading,Significantly improve loading speed;
2、After selecting the map when adding a shipping address and returning it,Unable to write address details correctlyBUG;
3、Add price symbol suffix,Applicable to certain specific pages,Easy to control rewriting;
4、Optimize initial withdrawal information on the withdrawal application page,Resolve occasional error reporting issues;
5、Fix the issue where the order button on the product details page will not display when entering again;
6、App.vueAdded configuration of logistics types in,Can be configured according to your actual usage situation;
7、Beautify the login interface;
8、【H5】H5Add downloads to the registration account pageAPPGuide button for,Download link backend filling;
9、【APP】Add Jump to Mini Program Method,Can be accessed fromAPPJumped to WeChat mini program;
10、【APP】Solve the problem of stuck page when opening map positioning;
11、【APP】Control of distribution promotion links,Change to Theme Control;
12、【H5】Promotion link entryH5After registering the page,You can directly bind the invitation code of the promoter;
13、【APP】When registering as a member,Can fill in invitation codes and control whether they are mandatory;
14、Fix the issue of abnormal display on the points transfer page in the check-in plugin;
15、Other known issues that will not be listed anymore;



Update time:2023-04-15

Update description:
1、【Full end】Product recommendation function on the actual shopping cart and membership center page;
2、【Full end】Selection of New Adaptation Ends for Rubik's Cube Advertising,You can set different magic cubes based on different ends;
3、【Full end】Design for separate selection of new products for service guarantee;
4、【Full end】Optimize the display of product details page album images,So that some pictures that are not square can also be fully displayed;
5、【Full end】Adding a shopping cart to a new product floor,And one click to hide the function of the shopping cart;
6、【Full end】Add a function to control whether sales are displayed with one click;
7、【Full end】New version adaptation2.3.3,Downward incompatibility;
8、【Full end】Fix the issue of missing style 1 on the homepage display of the information plugin;
9、【Full end】The homepage navigation can display large icons without a background color;
10、【Full end】Adapt to new plugins with multiple specifications for ordering and combination sales;
11、【Full end】Beautify out of stock reminder style;
12、【APP】newly addedAPPClose switch,Can be closed in the backgroundAPP;
13、【APP】Fix wallet recharge issue;
14、【APP】Fix member purchase issues;
15、【APP】Fix the issue of label misalignment on the product details page;



Update time:2023-03-15

Update description:
1、【APP】newly addedAPPversion control ,The backend can controlAPPOnline upgrade for;
2、【APP】This version is mainly aimed atAPPExtensive optimization has been carried out;
3、【APP】Adapted to Android packaging using native privacy protocol policy prompt box;
4、【APP】Added one click loginUniverify;
5、【APP】Adapted to Apple login;
6、【APP】Adapted to WeChat login;
7、【APP】AdaptedQQSign in;
8、【APP】Adapted to Sina Weibo login;
9、【APP】Adapted to Alipay payment;
10、【APP】Sharing adapted to WeChat sharing,Used in conjunction with third-party login plugins;
11、【Full end】Optimize homepage loading order,Increase loading speed,Optimized loading stability;
12、【Full end】The login page has been removedLOGODisplay of icons,Reduce page proportion;



Update time:2023-03-15

Update description:

1、Add preferential recharge、Docking of discount shadow ticket plug-ins;

2、Optimize homepage loading,More silky and smooth;

3、Beautify wallet card style、Wallet record list;

4、Add background control over membership card style,You can design my membership card by theme;

5、Personal Information Modification Page New Service Agreement、Presentation of privacy policy items,To adapt toAPPShelf requirements for;

6、optimizationH5Problem with refreshing the white screen on the login page;

7、Product Load Request Optimization,Realize that millions of product data are not stuck;

8、otherNOptimization items,No longer detailed;



Update time:2022-11-17

Update description:

1、Adapt to the rule that WeChat login no longer obtains avatars and nicknames;

2、Add personal information settings,You can set your avatar、Nickname, etc;

3、Optimization theme in AppleX-13Some performances under the model;

4、Improve theme built-in data;

5、Subject Extension New User ID Real Name Information Audit;


1、Tianwang Gaidi Tiger?

pagoda will stop river monster!




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