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Application of windmill plug-in

Plug in developed by community experts,High popularity,Stable reputation,Collage,Bargain,Large turntable, etc

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure

one、Subject Description

1、This topic fitsshopxoV2.2.2+(theme1.0.3Start adaptationV2.3.1+);

2、Full support for this topicshopxoSupported applets(Wechat applet、Baidu applet、Alipay applet、Headline applet、Kwai applet、QQApplets、uniappeditionH5);

3、Adapt to all plug-ins on sale in the application store;

4、APPAndroid and Apple also support;

5、The front end providesuniappSource code;

(Come to the customer service whenever you have questions~)

two、Thematic features

1、【This is a changeable theme】What you see is definitely not her unique appearance,Style Switch,Personalized decoration settings,As long as you want,You can knead her face at will;

2、【One click skin changing,Unlimited expansion】Preset10Multiple styles and colors,One click leather change in the background,Convenient and fast,It can expand the theme color you want infinitely;

3、【Bottom Navigation,Change it if you want】Bottom Navigation,Background control at any time;

4、【Home Products,With waterfall effect,Unlimited loading】Still worried about too much commodity data,Does the homepage load too slowly,Start unlimited loading mode on home page,Dynamically loaded when the user pulls down;

5、【Rubik's cube advertisement】Most likely,You can use the Rubik's Cube to make the whole homepage full of pictures+Link Composition,CompletelyDIY;

6、【Built in service assurance data】Built in service assurance data,The only way to make your products look more formal;

7、【Single point mode】Category page click mode,It is suitable for your users to directly purchase their favorite products with one click,What we need isDirect gains from violence;



Wechat applet


four、Interface screenshot and description

notes:Because the homepage of this theme can be extremely customized,Therefore, the screenshots shown are just the effects we made for this demonstration,Except module style,Content

Not unchanging!

1、Front end display(Please refer to the applet demo as much as possible,Applet demo is the latest version



a、Seckill in Figure 2、Bargain、Group 3,And coupon chart below,All controlled by the Rubik's Cube(Rubik's cube can be set with single diagram、Bipartite graph、Three figures、Four figures、Slide show);

b、Top of Figure 1“WindmillDEMO”word,Also controlled by the background,If pictures are not used,The title text can also be set in the background for display;

2、Backstage display


3、On Rubik's Cube



a、Through Rubik's Cube+System settings,The page with Rubik's cube advertisement control can be realized in full screen(For example, if you want to carry out a certain festival activity,The page can be decorated into a festival style directly through the magic cube);

b、Rubik's cube advertisements can be set with display validity;

Update Log:



Update time:2022-11-17

Update description:

1、Adapt to the rule that WeChat login no longer obtains avatars and nicknames;

2、Add personal information settings,You can set your avatar、Nickname, etc;

3、Optimization theme in AppleX-13Some performances under the model;

4、Improve theme built-in data;

5、Subject Extension New User ID Real Name Information Audit;


1、Tianwang Gaidi Tiger?

pagoda will stop river monster!

Dynamic scoring


No evaluation data

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