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Pintuan mall

Pintuan mall

Multi player group,Automatic refund for group failure,Or robots will not lose orders in groups,Or in spell mode,Merchandise not for all employees,Designated personnel can,Others can make refunds or no refunds,Support multiple merchants

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  • Adapter port: PC+H5+Applets
  • Adapted version: 1.8.1Up to the latest version
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Application of windmill plug-in

Plug in developed by community experts,High popularity,Stable reputation,Collage,Bargain,Large turntable, etc

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure
If you encounter problems during use, you can directly contact the corresponding author of the plug-in、Free plug-ins can be directly asked by the community
  • Adapter port: PC+H5+Applets
  • Adapted version: 1.8.1Up to the latest version




Applet display2.png

Background overview:


Play 1(Traditional play):How many groups can be set,Group time(If the team is not formed within the time limit, the team will fail),Refund the original way if the group fails,It can also turn on the robot clustering function,At the end of the assembly, the robot will fill the space,Make the dough into a ball,No more orders will be lost while attracting people!

Play Method 2(Spelling mode):Can be setnMerchandise in human competition(Who can be specified),Other participants did not spell the right goods,The success of the goods in the competition,Failed to spell the right group,Refund the failed person、compensate(You can also choose not to refund、No compensation),Compensation can be coupons、Red envelopes(Red packets can also be set to allow users to collect them manually within a limited time,Enhance interest)!

computer/H5Experience address

Version difference:

1、There is no difference in the functions between the two versions

2、The flagship version has and only two files that are encrypted,No influence on normal use,And key documents are equipped with language packs,It's OK to be a foreign language station。

3、The development version is completely open source,No encrypted files(However, this plug-in is not allowed to generate competitive products of the same type)

Update Log:



Update time:2024-04-28

Update description:

1、AdaptationV6.0.0And above;

2、Optimized and simplifieduniappWriting method for sharing;

3、Corresponding front-enduniappThere are updates available;



Update time:2024-03-23

Update description:

1、Add comment function,Say goodbye to the issue of not being able to comment on the group from now on;

2、Increase group order after-sales service,From now on, group orders can also be initiated for after-sales service;

3、Optimize adaptationshopxo5.0Background style for;

4、solve5.0Error issues encountered during initial installation of assembly;

5、Optimized some logic;

6、AddedPCVersion ofTDKKeyword settings;

7、Adaptation of this updateV5.0.0,Corresponding front-enduniappThere are also updates;



Update time:2023-03-16

Update description:

1、Optimize refund logic,Prevent issues that sometimes fail to retreat;

2、Fix the problem when editing a product categoryBUG;

3、Other known optimizable items;



Update time:2022-11-17

Update description:

1、The group began to support multiple merchants,This also marks the official entry of the groupV3times,More perfect and stable functions;

2、Adaptation of this updateshopxoV2.3.1And above(If you useshopxoLower than this version,No need to update the group,You must upgrade toV2.3.1And above)



Update time:2022-07-25

Update description:

1、New group playing method(You can no longer buy all the goods,Refund and return the red envelope to the person who is not spelling、Rebate,Illustrate with chestnuts:Set commodity needs100People form a group,final1Person orNPeople can be middle--Who can be designated,Other personnel fail,Those who fail to buy the goods can get a refund--You can also choose not to refund,Make compensation,Compensation coupon or red envelope,Or no compensation,Red packets can also be collected manually by users,Increase interest);

2、Privilege of new head of regiment(Direct deduction of fixed amount for group opening,Or give a discount price when opening a group);

3、Total amount control of new group,That is, you can control only one group of the product(perhapsnindividual,Maybe you just want to open a big group,This control meets your needs);

4、Optimize underlying logic,Optimize interface display,It is more silky and slippery to use;



Update time:2022-05-10

Update description:

1、Adaptation of this updateshopxoV2.2.7(If you useshopxoLower than this version,No need to update the group)



Update time:2022-01-23

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.2.3-2.2.5edition

2、Adapt to the officialuniappeditionH5end

3、Increase the use of the enhanced plug-in for cash payment(The cash payment of the group can also be made by our company“Cash payment enhancement”Upload the voucher)

4、Optimized the logic of the group,We have been moving forward on the road of optimization

5、Fixed some knownbug

6、This update is only applicableshopxo2.2.3+edition,No need to upgrade,Of course, for a better experience,We recommend upgrading your system to2.2.3+



Update time:2021-12-02

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.2.2edition

2、Adapt to officialuniappeditionUIUpgrade



Update time:2021-11-02

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.2.1edition

2、Add WeChat appletuniappedition



Update time:2021-08-02

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.2.0edition 



Update time:2021-05-08

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.0.2edition

2、Optimized WeChat applet

3、The language pack is configured separately for the order logic,It is convenient to use when making multiple languages

4、Fix some WeChat applet products that are wrongBUG

5、Other knownBUG



Update time:2021-04-22

Update description:


2、New robot automatic clustering function,After opening,No refund at the end of the group,Replenish robots to make the group together,Make people feel popular without losing orders



Update time:2021-03-20

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.0.0edition

2、newly addedPC+H5end

3、Overall optimization of logic,Spell faster,Order more silky

4、Fix some knownBUG



Update time:2021-03-01

Update description:

1、Repair when editing items,If there is error in modifying the commodity price without opening the specificationBUG

2、Remove the redundant good object circle code from the detail page of the applet file,If necessary, please refer to the document and add as needed

3、Fixed the problem that the sorting parameters of group goods were invalid


5、Full adaptation of automatic refund functionShopXO1.9.3



Update time:2020-12-09

Update description:

1、WeChat applet group home page and product details page add the function of sharing to the circle of friends

2、Repaired the puzzle1.9.1The version does not display price symbols

3、Fixed the problem that there were too many categories on the front page of the group, and the layout was disordered

4、Modified the rules for retrieving commodity data on the home page of the group,Slip loading is no longer supported,More robust

5、Grouping click classification to add differentiated display,It makes it easier to know which category is currently distinguish

6、Added size tips when adding slide pictures,Making pictures is no longer confused

7、Fixed the problem that the background order list could not be exportedbug



Update time:2020-12-08

Update description:

1、Repair the problem that occurs when the multi specification and single specification of the group goods are switchedBUG

2、Grouping increased wallet payment、cash payment、Payment method of COD

3、Applet Front End Style Tuning

4、Fix the problem of incorrect linking of small program group order goods



Update time:2020-12-07

Update description:

1、Full function adaptation of group1.9.1

2、Fixed the front end1.9.1Unable to initiate the combinationBUG

3、Applet Front End Style Tuning



Update time:2020-11-25

Update description:

1、Add product adaptation1.9.1


1、Commodities are selected from system commodities,Other information is separated from the main system

2、Independent group management,The order is also independent of the main system

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