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Turntable lottery

Turntable lottery

The rewards that can be set include coupons,material object,Red envelopes,integral,Set the winning probability of each award,Designated personnel must win first prize,Compensation and other settings can be made for personnel who have not won the first prize

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Application of windmill plug-in

Plug in developed by community experts,High popularity,Stable reputation,Collage,Bargain,Large turntable, etc

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure
If you encounter problems during use, you can directly contact the corresponding author of the plug-in、Free plug-ins can be directly asked by the community

one、Function description

1、Awards、Full background setting of winning probability

2、Frontend interface background、Advertising is controlled by the backend,More personalized

3、supportPC+H5+uniapp+APP(Windmill themed versionAPP)

4、Rotary table lottery,Coupon can be set,Red envelopes,integral,In kind reward(Need official coupon plug-in、Wallet plug-in cooperation)

5、Unlimited turntable activity

6、First prize in the designated personnel,The inventory of each award can be set,Compensation can be made for personnel who are continuously absent

7、If cash rewards cooperate《Transfer the payment to WeChat with change》plug-in unit,Can achieve the effect of directly transferring bonuses to WeChat pocket money;

from2.5.0Version has added some applicable scenarios:

1、Easier to pull new ones,Users can draw free prizes without logging in,Only after registration can the account be credited,Play a role in promoting innovation;

2、In some scenarios where account login is not required,Draw more freely,For example, supermarket lottery,Click with the space bar to draw a prize,also No user login required,Give whatever rewards you receive;

3、Company activities、A small entertainment where everyone gathers together,No login scenarios required,Open and draw,Whoever draws what depends entirely on luck;

4、Lottery large screen,Similarly,Open the lottery page with a notebook,Large screen projection,Use the spacebar to click on the lucky draw;、

5、Think about other scenarios;

two、Experience address

Computer andH5Experience address:

three、Screenshot of applet and experience address

WeChat pictures_20211130120424.jpg


Please scan the code for online experience(The turntable has been set to require points for lottery,Please firstSign inGet points,Then experience)

four、Update Log



Update time:2023-8-26

Update description:

1、【PCAnd adaptiveH5】New turntable allows for free lottery;

2、【PCAnd adaptiveH5】Adding a turntable allows for lottery without logging in,After registering a new account, rewards will be automatically distributed to that new account;

3、【PCAnd adaptiveH5】Shortened the time for the turntable to rotate,Save lottery time;

4、【PC】Add a new turntable and click the space bar to draw a prize;

5、【Full end】Modify cash rewards to decimal places,minimum0.01Yuan can also be used as a reward;

6、【Full end】Optimized some logical writing methods,Fixed several known issues;




Update time:2022-8-26

Update description:

1、The function of infinitely adding turntable activities is added,Each rotary table is controlled separately,Call which to call which

2、Added the function of first prize for designable personnel

3、Added the function of setting the inventory of each award,Inventory consumption completed,Then the reward will not be drawn again

4、Added the function of compensation for personnel who are continuously out of service,Compensation reward is set separately,Coupons are also supported、Red envelopes、Physical objects, etc



Update time:2021-11-26

Update description:

1、Comprehensive adaptation2.2.2edition

2、Add WeChat appletuniappedition

3、UIAlso comprehensively upgraded

4、newly addedPC+H5End raffle




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