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1.Provide corresponding source code according to the order type 2.Free update of a licensed permanent version、 3. Free adaptation to various official plug-ins 4. Independent and exclusiveqqTheme group,Group number:695060491、5.Free development of common needs proposed by everyone、6.Android、IOS appAll support packaging

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absorbedshopXOTheme development,applicationuniappTechnology to build applet terminal platform andappapplication

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure

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author: chuyin


edition: 1.0.0-2.2.1

Adapted version: V1.9.3、V2.0.0~V2.3.0

Adaptation platform: WeChat has been adapted、Alipay、qq、Baidu、Headline applet,Authorized version of WeChat official accounth5、android、ioseditionapp

describe: SelectionuniappIs the technical framework,A set of codes can be implemented,Multiple terminal platform platforms can be released,UIThe style has also been completely reconstructed,More integrated style,Elaboration

Thematic features:

      1.Free development of common needs proposed by everyone;

      2.One time payment,Permanent free adaptation Free of charge officially launched、charge(for example:store、Multi merchant)Various plug-ins;

      3.One key direct access to various shortcut functions,For example, hide all prices from the demo site、Classified and multi style display,For all one key direct configuration, seeApp.vuefile;

      4.Mature product line,Customers have successfully launched various applets,Android application markets、Apple OfficialappStore,appThe QR code download experience of customer cases under the welcome scanning code of the experience package。

appThe above materials shall be prepared in advance for packaging,See document(link),The packaged tutorial is only open to authorized users,If you say authorized users,Contact me after registering the account,needappYou can contact me for the experience package

be careful:appCustomers who need to go on the market,Please prepare the soft copy certificate in advance

iosNeed to provide(personal、Developer account of company type,Test package available、applyapp storePut on the shelf(becauseappstoreThe audit is strict,If rejected due to similar theme,You can use drag and drop to visualize your home page layout);You can apply for an enterprise type developer account and only use the test package,Guide customers to download applications on the dandelion distribution platform)

Solemn commitment:For customers who have purchased this topic,Subsequent products related to this topic will enjoy and provide free upgrades at the same time,It is equivalent to that you can enjoy the product services of multiple terminals at one time

This applet is about one stop, one code acquisition,This topic is only for personal or internal use,Not for resale,Generate competitive products of the same type,If secondary development needs technical support, please contact me separately,Paid support;

For regular customers who purchase this topic,The new themes launched subsequently will enjoy the original price of the new theme5Discount!Hope to bring a better experience to new and old customers!

Customers often ask me,Why officialh5Some functions,My topich5No,,It is hereby stated that:officialh5Is responsive,FollowpcEnd is a set of source code,So officiallypcEnd function officialh5It can also be used,If you care about this, you can use it with caution

Because this topic template is mainly forCEnd user(I.e. customer),So manyBEnd business(Such as merchants' settlement、Seller Center and other businesses)Will not involve,thereforethemeIt will not cover the above functions,Later, if it is officially disclosedBAfter the end service interface,This function can be adapted。

The above costs include source code,Source code can be modified,But not inshopxoUser groups sell competitive products of the same kind。The violator developer has the right to withdraw the user'sVIPto grant authorization,And the fee will not be refunded。

I don't provide free packaging service,To provide servicesannuallyCharge a certain packing fee。

To package services,Please purchase the packaging technology service fee,term of validity1year(。

needappThe experience package can be compared withqqPrivately

Technical support refers to Including but not limited to the following: 

    1.APPOn shelf guidance;

    2.Daily technical maintenance of applets、Submit、release;

    3.Problems in the running of applets help track errors(Non applet problems,It's a configuration problem);

    4.shopXOAnswering questions during system use;

    5.The customized secondary development function will be adapted for free after the theme version is updatedshopxosystem;

    The final interpretation right of the above technical support services belongs to the developer

   be careful:Technical support does not includeManual packaging serviceSecondary developmentTechnical support for,Second opening technical support requires additional payment,You need to contact me for specific conditions

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