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Integration of multiple templates、Free switching、Multipurpose、Continuous updates

Integration of multiple templates、Free switching、Multipurpose、Continuous updates

Purchase each set of templates on Double Eleven,Gift value599element/Annual400Telephone,Enhance corporate image,Increase enterprise credibility,First come, first served,The activity is only valid during the Double Eleven period,move、telecom、Choose any of the three major operators of China Unicom for cooperation

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Theme gate

“Theme gate”Provide simple services for major Internet users、multivariate、Professional Internet software design services。 The team has more than ten years of enterprise Internet service experience and provides professional after-sales service,Rapid response to customer needs。

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Plug in installation process

1. Log in to your own mall background、From the left menu[ Application Center -> App store ]Click to enter the app store
2. After entering the app store、Log in to the account of the bound store、[ VIPUser foundVIPplug-in unit ] or [ Purchased plug-ins and free plug-ins ]
3. On the plug-in details page、You can see an online installation button on the right side of the Buy Now button、Click it and it will be automatically installed in your own mall
4. Then it will automatically return to the mall background application management,Click the Install button and enable、Click the setting icon to configure
  • edition: 1.0.0
  • Adaptation system: 3.0.0-3.0.3
  • Adaptation platform: PC、mobile phone

Purchase each set of templates on Double Eleven,Gift value599element/Annual400Telephone,The event is only held during the Double Eleven period(move、telecom、Choose any of the three major operators of China Unicom for cooperation)。

400The Benefits of Telephone:

1、Enhance corporate image,Increase enterprise credibility

Simultaneous dialing and answering of multiple users,400Number is easy to remember,Shared payment,Reflect the sincerity and strength of the enterprise,Win customer trust。

2、Solve the problem of busy incoming calls

400Telephone number one and multiple lines,Bind multiple phones、Landline,Multiple customers entering simultaneously,Automatically select idle line access,Don't lose business opportunities。

3、Make customer service more standardized

400Telephone makes businesses look like banks、telecom、Answer phone calls like a group company,Make customers feel that enterprise management is standardized and orderly,Increase trust,Service image is on par with well-known enterprises。

4、Easily handle employee turnover,Moving without changing numbers

400National unified number、Lifetime unchanged,Employees who resign or move only need to replace their bound landlines or mobile phones,Regular customers still make calls,Customer retention,Enterprises are safer。

Gift instructions:

1、Purchase amount reaches699elementAbove immediate delivery value599element/Annual400Telephone;

2、After purchasing, simply provide our customer service personnel with the order number to arrange400Account Opening with Number(move、telecom、Choose any of the three major operators of China Unicom for cooperation);

3、give1year400Telephone,Renewal only requires399element/year,No need, no renewal,Ready to stop at any time。


1.After purchase,Please enter“Order management”Order Details Page Download Theme Settings Help Document and Image Material Package。

2.Unified Theme Upgrade,Not providing modification services for issues caused by secondary development。

3.System upgrade needs to wait for the theme upgrade to be completed before proceeding。

4.Do not recommend impulse buying,Virtual products of code product class can be replicated,Refunds are not accepted for non serious quality issues。

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