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Sectigo wildcard DV SSL/TSL/HTTPScertificate

Sectigo wildcard DV SSL/TSL/HTTPScertificate

Single domain name DV SSL certificate 1Annual validity,Support unlimited subdomains。regularCAIssued,Affordable price,Suitable for individuals、Used by small and medium-sized enterprises。

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  • brand: Sectigo
  • Authentication level: DV
  • Issuing speed: 5minute
  • Number of protected domain names: 1
  • Protect child domain names: Support wildcards
  • Resignature: Free and unlimited Reissue
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SSL100 Digital Certificate Services

SLL100It is the top certificate service organization in China。ours SSL Digital certificates are widely used to strengthen servers、Sensitive data encryption、User Authentication、Privacy protection and online authentication services。ours SSL include Wildcard certificate , Additional domain name certificate and Extended Authentication Certificate。

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  • brand: Sectigo
  • Authentication level: DV
  • Issuing speed: 5minute
  • Number of protected domain names: 1
  • Protect child domain names: Support wildcards
  • Resignature: Free and unlimited Reissue
  • Certificate Encryption Strength: SHA256
  • Certificate algorithm support: RSA 2048/3072/4096 & ECC
  • Mobile Devices: support99.9%Mobile Devices
  • Browser support: 99.9%Browser recognition rate,Supports all major browsers
  • Security: $250,000
  • site seal : support
  • Compliance: WebTrust Compliance, but CA Not filed in the mainland, But partlyOV/EVHigh end products own the mainland OCSP node.

Product introduction

SectigoIs the world's largest commercial certification authority(CA)And leading network solution companies,Let the identity of multiple organizations around the world,The network and connecting equipment are guaranteed。Enterprises of all sizes rely onSectigoConduct multi-layer defense,In order to prevent various equipment,Network threats to infrastructure and cloud。Whether the largest brand or the smallest website,SectigoCan guarantee their safety。

This certificate5Signed and issued at minute speed,support99.9%Of mainstream browsers and mobile devices。Re issue for unlimited times during the period of validity and free of charge。

Support wildcard domain names,as *

Issuing process

Contact customer service to place an order -> Send domain name -> Verify domain name ownership -> grant a certificate -> Delivery Certificate -> complete

Free installation

This product includes certificate installation service,After purchase, contact customer service to assist in installation,Feel free to contact us if you have any questions。

30Refund for days without reason

To ensure the customer's trust and experience is what we have been pursuing,All users can access30Within days,Apply for an unconditional full refund, We guarantee that your payment will100%Full amount received。Please check our refund policy details or contact the customer support team for more information。

About us

We are Sectigo of Strategic partners。 Bring high-quality and low-cost certificate products to customers。 

For more products, please visit our official website。

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