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DigiCert Basic Enterprise levelOV SSL/TLS certificate

DigiCert Basic Enterprise levelOV SSL/TLS certificate

DigiCert OV Multiple domain namesSSLCertificate has strong encryption,Meet or exceed the encryption strength standards required by all industries,Up to250Different domain names,Include subdomain names orIP。

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  • encryption algorithm : RSA and ECC
  • Encryption bit: 256position
  • Public key length: 2048 (3072/4096) position
  • Root Certificate: DigiCert Global Root
  • Refund period: 30day
  • Certificate Re signing: Free and unlimited
  • Support multiple domain names: support
  • Browser compatible: All mainstream browsers
  • term of validity: 1year
Optional specifications

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digital certificate

Certbase It's global SSL/TLS One of the largest publishers of certificates。Our mission is to build a trusted online network,Because we fully realize that:Only by building a trusted Internet,Can bring its great potential into play to benefit human communication and business activities。Certbase We are going all out to help individuals、Online merchants、Small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises establish online trust。

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DigiCert SSL/TLS certificate

DigiCertIt is the world's leading digital certificate provider,to2017Acquisition inSymantecDigital certificate service。 DigiCert It is recognized as the most reliable certification authority in the world,90%The world of500Strong useDigiCert SSLcertificate,It is used by banks such as China Construction Bank of Industry and Agriculture and most financial institutionsDigiCert SSLcertificate。

DigiCert,Incorporated in2003year,It is the world's leading digital certificate provider。10Over the years, it has only focused on providing users withSSLCertificates and code signing certificates,The world's leading bank、Electronic Commerce、technology、Healthcare and manufacturing enterprises rely onDigiCertScalable encryption and authentication for its most valuable online products。stayWebOutside the field,DigiCertThrough scalable、be based onPKIAutomation solutions for innovation,These solutions involve(IoT)Providing identity with other emerging connected markets、Authentication and Encryption。

DigiCert It can be said that it is the world's leading highly trusted digital certificate authority,DigiCertOwned byDigiCert,Symantec,Geotrust,Thawte,Rapid 5largeSSLCertificate brand。DigiCert SSLCertificates are divided intoOVandEVTwo levels of authentication,Support multiple domain names and wildcards at the same time,It is also rarely supported by the worldIPDirect application for certificateCAone of,DigiCertIt is famous and cost-effective。

1.Certificate Type

Source: formal agency channel,Non violation channel,Free re signing within the validity period,Renewal process is available upon expiration,Browser compatibility99.9%!

Support throughApple ATSauthentication,Support WeChat applet,WebAPP,supportNginx Apache IIS TomcatServer environment

Support variousCDNandSLB:Alibaba CloudSLB/Alibaba CloudCDN/Tencent CloudCDN/Shoot the clouds againCDN/Seven CattleCDN/Ucloud CDN etc.

This isDVWildcard certificate,Can be used in any secondary domain name,protect * and

such as and and mail.example.comSecond level domain names can use the same certificate,Save operation and maintenance costs!

This certificate perfectly supportsIKEApplication andWebapplication!Good compatibility!

DVAuthentication is the fastest security certificate authentication type currently issued,OVEnterprise Validation andEVThe validation process of extended validation generally requires1-3weekday


Immediate issuance,After the verification is completed5Issue certificate within minutes

3.Purchase process

Contact and place an order-Send domain name/CSR-Verify domain name ownership-grant a certificate-complete


CSRGeneration method(By default, our system will generate and submit,Please contact us for customization):

Online tools:

If it is a wildcard certificate,Remember to fill in the domain name *,Other items can be filled in according to the tooltip,Finally, remember to tick and send to the mailbox

Be sure to properly save the generatedkeyfile!DVThere is no strict requirement for the information of the certificate company,OV/EVPlease fill in the certificate truthfully


How to verify domain name ownership:

regularGlobalSignThe product supports three domain name verification methods,Can be quickly verified

Mailbox verification

DNSRecord verification(TXT)

Website file validation

For example, mailbox verification,Please close theWhoisPrivacy protection,ensurewhoisThe domain name administrator mailbox in the information or admin@yourdomain.comCan receive verification email

admin@Alternative prefix can be used if it cannot be used:administrator/postmaster/hostmaster/webmaster

After the customer service sends the verification email,Click the link in the verification email,Approve and allow signing

You can also directly forward the mail to our mailbox,We verify for you

If usedDNS/HTTPFile mode verification,The customer service will inform the detailed operation method。

About Certificate Format:

Generated by our storeCSRof,Certificate is provided by defaultPKCS#12 (PFX) 、JKS、Nginx、ApacheEqual format

Can be used directly forNginx/Apache/IIS/Tomcatetc.WebThe server

Other applications(Such as variousCDN/load balancing SLB/Router/NAS/firewall),It is generally usedPEMFormat certificate,But there are differences between full chain and non full chain,We will provide,Please consult customer service if you have any questions。

Self providedCSRof,Only provided by default PEM Format certificate,Available forNginx/Apache,if needIIS PFXformat,Please convert online or provide the private keyKeyDocument to customer service。

About certificate deployment:

Certificate contains installation services(Please consult customer service for details),To deploy debugging services,Please contact customer service

note appended:

If there are any certificate related problems(Compatibility issues/No green lock, etc),Please communicate with the customer service to find out the source of the problem,Most of the problems are deployment errors,Do not score directly!

Operation of our storeComodo/Digicert/Symantec/GeoTrust/GlobalSign/Thawte/Entrust/RapidSSL/AlphaSSL/CertumAnd other brandsSSLcertificate,Welcome to contact for inquiry!

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