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Mini program issues:
1、The number of product reviews on the product details page is the same as the number of Q&A questions,When the number of questions and answers is empty, it should be0,
2、Product review slides and lags,Attempt to slide to the bottom and refresh the page before returning to the top,It should be that the loading icon appears at the bottom,Senseless loading relative to the bottom position,
3、Coupons require a personal limit on the number of items that can be claimed,Individuals can repeatedly claim multiple times,I want to delete, but I can't delete it,It can also lead to database redundancy,
5、Coupon denomination set to199.99Hour,Incomplete display of coupon list in personal center,
6、When there is no data in the list,The loaded dataless icon has a flickering effect of being pulled back to normal size by deformation,It should be a non pulling loading icon。
The administrator has answered

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions,We will arrange a technical investigation If there are any issues, they will be fixed in the new version。

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