To protect your rights and interests,Do not trade privately!99%Fraud of、Dispute caused by private transaction,Problems arising from private transactions are not managed by the platform。
Writing payment plugins,Payment needs to be redirected to a third-party platform,After successful payment, it will be redirected to the callback address through the callback address。
Current issues encountered:After address callback,The page shows successful payment,But the user's status has been logged out,Need to log in again(Click to view orders,Need to log in again),Payment Order The status is still Unpaid。

The payment has been returned in the format。
At present, the cause cannot be traced,Could you please help answer this question,Thank you, big shot。
The administrator has answered

backstage data,Payment log,Upper left corner There is a processing result in the notification record。
Handle errors based on the processing results,If it is blank, it is a system error

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