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shopxo Background template visualization editing error

In the website backend-website-Theme management-Click to manage gears in default theme images

Jump page appears HTTP error 404.15 - Not Found

The most likely reason:
Web The request filtering on the server is configured to reject the request,Because the query string is too long。

Detailed error information:
module RequestFilteringModule
notice BeginRequest
processing program StaticFile
error code 0x00000000
The administrator has answered

Hello! Your issue should be caused by a mismatch in the theme version

comment 2

  • Around 80 06-04 15:33

    The issue of not being able to change other custom pages after synchronizing custom pages also exists

  • Around 80 06-04 15:32

    Install the latest version directlyshopxoThe issue of entering template settings still exists

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