To protect your rights and interests,Do not trade privately!99%Fraud of、Dispute caused by private transaction,Problems arising from private transactions are not managed by the platform。
hello,Your mini program is for trading purposes,Need to be in the developer backend「version management —Submit for review——Mini Program Order Centerpath」Set Order Center Pagepath,Please set it up before submitting the code for review。For details, please refer to:

There was no such requirement before,May I ask how to handle it
The administrator has answered

Hello!,When submitting a mini program for review, the user center address can be written /pages/user-order/user-order

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  • Xiao Qian Ge.Belang Bathroom 01-10 00:43

    I am also concerned about this issue It's not possible to review it several times

    gongfuxiang 01-11 19:36

    What is the reason for the failure?This is the address

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