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Install wallet,After configuration is completed,Choose wallet payment on WeChat mini program end,Still prompt“Please install the wallet plugin first[Wallet]”
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Hello!,Need to install wallet plugin,this

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  • Around 80 05-14 14:51

    It should be restricted by WeChat,There is no problem opening the mini program website in the browser for testing,Maybe the official account or applet access should be set correctly/The official account or applet must be reviewed(It means paying money)

  • 158***827 12-21 09:34

    I also encountered this problem,The plugin has been installed and enabled in the background,butPCAlways prompt on the end“Please install the wallet plugin first[ Wallet ]”。

    gongfuxiang 01-02 09:32

    Install wallet plugin and enable it

  • lzpxiao 11-22 16:25

    No activation。

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